dimanche 10 janvier 2010

Well I never ! (Introducing myself to evomlit)

I came to blogger to create a blog for the purpose of introducing myself for the 6 week EVO course, and I found that not only did a blog I had "lost" still exist, but that google had changed my primary address to the gmail I created recently. It's certainly very convenient, now that I've lost my big-brotherphobia....
So here we go:
My silly avatar is a drawing made by my grandaughter when she was three ... and she's 7 now.
I teach English to physicists at the University in Grenoble (as I said in the YG).
I am always hoping to find a fellow teacher of English to scientists so that our students can share a wiki or something (not too heavy!)
I have been totally lost in this "social networking" for 4 years now, and suddenly it's coming together. Thanks a lot to a recent SEETA course, (that's South East Europe Teacher Assos) run by Nik Peachey and an article by Vance about letting things go in this electronic world.
I think it will be better writing here rather than in the blog on the ning, because each entry on the ning sends alerts to everyone.

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi Elizabeth, Double Blogger, I also have two blogs, one at the Ning and http://ninas1stblog.blogspot.com, which I started during BaW06 and still come back to occasionally, usually during EVO and WiAOC. I will probably blog at the Ning (or should I say: on the Ning?) during this session. I have not figured out how best to follow everyone's stuff wherever they put it. Obviously, by using an aggregator, but--which one?

  2. It's all very much still a whirl for me ... but I'll have to get my act together for a promised f2f conf at work.
    I so much appreciate what the webheads do for each other ! and after the eportfolios last year, and - even though I'm not following well - this multilit group, I am extending my knowledge. Thanks for your comment :-)