samedi 6 février 2010

I guess I'm just not multiliterate !

In fact I came to the above conclusion when I realised that by prefering simplybox for keeping my bookmarks, I'm definitely not in the multilit bookmarking league ! You can see from the image (without the links) that simplybox gives me a bookmarking system where each thing is in its own place in its own folder. Before I found this system, I was completely lost.
For me "tags" don't come (or I hope -didn't come) naturally - which means I cannot find any of the things I put onto delicious a long time ago, because I didn't have a system for "my" tags. Maybe I'm just functionally illiterate after all - but whatever, I do wish that someone had told me about choosing my key words carefully and it is something I will teach my students (and collegues).
Michael Shade put a link on the Ning to a great documentary by Doug Rushkoff about the way multitasking is affecting students, and which looked at gaming in Korea with a visit to an "internet rescue camp" - a disintoxication centre for addicted kids - it was sad to see that the children had to "re-learn how to be kids" (doing normal outdoor things) I had to leave just when it was talking about the close friendships created online (sic) .. they were talking especially about games (World of Warcraft) and Second Life - used by IBM for most of it's meetings.
They actually interview a number of couples who had got married after meeting in W of Warcraft (the name is enough to make me run a mile) and one of the couples said they continued to play sitting back to back at home with their laptops on !
There seemsed to be general agreement that it was possible to get "closer" to people online than in real life - but no one seemed to take into account the element of play. In real life when one does silly games with people, it creates bonds very quickly.
One really scary thing was the general agreement of the US students that unfortunaley they didn't have time to read a whole book, so they get through Romeo and Juliette in 5 mins from an online synopsis :-O
Anyway - What I do know for sure is that this Tuesday evening I chose an online conference over a real life public meeting, and this morning, instead of going to see my friend, I watched the docu mentionned above (YESSS - I've found the link - 90 minutes well spent

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  1. Hi Elizabeth Anne,
    the link in your profile brought me here :-) - thanks for your kind visit. I love your avatar - I use a similar one in flickr - - created by my 7 year old son when he was 4.
    I haven't heard of Simply Box before but it looks like a neat way for sharing finds visually. I enjoy tagging and sweare on delicious - love its simplicity.
    Hugs, Saša

  2. Hi Elizabeth Anne,
    I am even less multiliterate than you are. My tagging system is inconsistent and I sometimes forget to add a tag. Thank you for telling us about Simplybox. I will definitely try it out. And I will watch the video. I agree, it is a sad topic.